Great Girls Great Friendships

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Emma English: My first job is a Mommy tomy four Beautiful Children. Daniel, Amy, Evan and Tristan. I am the Director of Couleur Productions; I am a Fashion Show Producer and Events Organiser throughout Ireland.  I’m married to James English. I am from Drumcondra in Dublin. I have two sisters and one brother.

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Jacqui Butler Corcoran: I am a housewife and mother to two children, Evan 16 and Ella 13 and a total fool for our dog Bailey our or should I say my 3rd child. I am married to Michael Corcoran, director of Korkys Footwear. I am from Kilkenny and am an only my parents used to say to me you’re an “enfant unique”.

How did you two meet and how long ago?


Emma: I met Jacqui for the first time at a Fashion Show I was producing about 4 years ago.

Jacqui: Emma and I met about 4 years ago at a…

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Emma English: My first job is a Mommy tomy four Beautiful Children. Daniel, Amy, Evan and Tristan. I am the Director of Couleur Productions; I am a Fashion Show Producer and Events Organiser throughout Ireland.  I’m married to James English. I am from Drumcondra in Dublin. I have two sisters and one brother.

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Jacqui Butler Corcoran: I am a housewife and mother to two children, Evan 16 and Ella 13 and a total fool for our dog Bailey our or should I say my 3rd child. I am married to Michael Corcoran, director of Korkys Footwear. I am from Kilkenny and am an only my parents used to say to me you’re an “enfant unique”.

How did you two meet and how long ago?


Emma: I met Jacqui for the first time at a Fashion Show I was producing about 4 years ago.

Jacqui: Emma and I met about 4 years ago at a fashion show in Drogheda…we became friends slowly after that…I don’t trust easily nor do I wear my heart on my sleeve…friendship grows.  And our friendship grew into a solid one.

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What were your first impressions of each other?

Emma: My first impressions of Jacqui was she had an infectious personality, she was such a positive person which I loved… so compassionate, loving and warm.  Jacqui was like a breath of fresh air, She also made me laugh so much, both of us would spend many conversations literally on the floor laughing, She was so funny and witty. Our friendship grew over time and I knew that Jacqui would be a sincere and very loyal friend for Life. I can definitely see us having the Thursday nights out playing Bingo in years to come!

Jacqui: We clicked, personality wise straight away. I was drawn to her warmth, confidence and sense of humor. Emma is not only beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside too and anyone that meets Emma will say that about her. She exudes copy 6


Why do you think you get on so well?


Emma: I think we get on so well as we spend so much time having great laughs, we laugh all the time be it on the phone or when we’re together. We are very much there for each other in good times and the bad times… We have an extremely solid and loyal friendship, which I think is Key in a good friendship. Jacqui is the most genuine warm friend with the biggest heart. We always want the best for each other we would talk for hours about every aspect of life and have some of the Best conversations. We would be very similar and have very similar views on life in general We would know what the other was thinking without having to say anything…..It’s that unspoken smile & look we would give each other. Even over the phone I can tell what Jacqui is thinking without her saying a word.  I adore her sense of humour and her wit,

Jacqui supports me in absolutely everything I do in my life, which is so important and means so much to me.  Whether it’s my work, running events or making a decision as to what Fabric Conditioner fragrance I should buy, she is there.

We are very comfortable in each others company at all times, there have been many times I would stay at Jacqui’s after a night out and we’d sit there stripped down to nothing…No make up, Hair flung up in a bun, letting it all hang out and be so comfortable in each others company, we don’t even have to speak around each other…. although that’s not something that I can ever recall happening!! lol…we are extremely honest and loyal with each other. We have each others back always.  We are both very straight talking, honest women…I think honesty is very important to both of us.

We don’t have much time for the dramatics of life…. We both want the same thing in life. A happy family home, true solid friendships and great laughs with friends, these things would be very important to both of us.

We have both been through a lot over the last numbers of years and been there for each other every step of the way…. We have brought each other through very testing and challenging times we’ve both experienced in our lives. We have been there for each other in the very happy times in our lives too.

Jacqui: I think we are both very alike. Normally that might make friends clash, but not us…we are both honest, upfront and totally at ease with each other. We have common interests in life too, both being involved in the fashion industry although I’m not on the same level as Emma industry wise, I have an interest and always have, we both have a wicked sense of humor and at times all it takes is “a look” that look of knowing what the other person is thinking in company without having to say a word. We can equally sit in each others company without feeling compelled to talk. It’s that sense of ease that I enjoy about being in Emma’s company. Emma has seen me at my best and worst not only look wise. We can chat for hours but are equally at ease to not talk for 5 minutes lol no, joking aside.. It’s totally at ease not to talk at all. It’s just that ease of being in each others company. We laugh non-stop too. Emma cracks me up constantly even if imp trying to be serious about something… I love the fact that I can be totally honest with her without her having a hump and being silly with me….we talk as adults do!!!

Are you in contact often?

Emma:  We are in contact every day. We have been known to have 6-7hour phone conversations. We always want to know what’s going on each others lives be it what we’re making for dinner, buying a new bookcase or Duvet set, how to remove stubborn stains, What our kids are up to, our dogs, Christian Grey lol…. We both read Fifty Shades at the same time…. We would be talking every night wanting to know what page the other was on…. we spent endless hours dissecting every sentence of the 3 books.   My daily conversations with Jacqui are as important to me as waking up every morning… I couldn’t imagine a day going by without talking to Jacqui and telling her about my day.  We solve all the worlds problems or at least we think we do…lol we have some of the best crack on the phone. There is so many times neither if us can breath with the laughter. There would be silence and that’s purely because we laugh ourselves into silent laughs. She knows every little thing about me; even down to what colour knickers I’m wearing every day!! lol (joke) but not far off.  


Jacqui:  We speak every day at least twice. Sometimes more depending on what’s going on in our lives. When I’m away I’m still in contact with Emma, I love to tell her about my daily life, what I’m up to, what my kids are up to, what my family are up to. I cannot imagine not being in contact with her no matter where I am, be it through text or call…. I love to hear her voice and her laugh. She has the best laugh…. I tell Emma EVERYTHING… now!  I trust her with my life…after our friendship has grown to this lovely stage. I love her opinion too although not always right lol Emma! Our husbands Michael and James actually joke when they are together about how long we can actually talk on the phone to each other. (Once being for 6 hours!! beat that) not to mention about when we are actually together. That can stretch to an all night one taking off our makeup drinking tea, diet coke or water, or a glass of wine or…she’s my little fishy and im her zebra. That’s a private joke, ill tell you one day! We are like two peas in a pod….

Best Friends – Imelda Henry and Grainne McCullagh

                   Imelda Henry and Grainne McCullagh are – Best Friends.


Grainne McCullagh: housewife, living in Winchester in the UK married to Ian McCullagh. Vice President of Finance for Motorola

Imelday Henry: I am a Senator for Fine Gael since 2011 and before that a Sligo County Councillor for seven years, before that I had my own lovely boutique called Belle in Sligo for Several years.  I am married to Aiden Meehan and  have two children Heather Jane 16 and Peter 9.


Where are you from and how many siblings do you have?

Grainne:  I am from Sligo, Ireland.  I have three brothers and one sister all still living in Sligo.

Imelda:  I am from Sligo and I have three sisters Majella, Martina and Olivia.


How did you two meet and how long ago?

Grainne : We met about 34 years ago at the Blue Lagoon in Sligo

Imelda: I first met my best friend Grainne when I was 14.  Our husbands were good friends and we met at the Blue Lagoon in Sligo which was owned by my parents and had a great Nite Club.


What were your first impressions of each other?

Grainne:  We probably didn’t click straight away.  We were girlfriends of two very good friends who are now our respective husbands.

Imelda:  At that time Grainne and I were fairly quiet and it was a while before we built up a friendship and we socialised as couples most weekends.  It was several years later before we really got to know each other and became close.  In 1985 I went to live in Dublin and Grainne went to London.  We stayed in contact and I used to visit regularly.  Grainne married Ian in 1992 and I married Aiden in 1993.

Why do you think you get on so well?

Grainne:  We have experienced life together and all its ups and downs and have always been there for each other.  As you get older and mature life has a whole new perspective and we are very much on the same wavelength about a lot of things.

Imelda: We get on so well because we have a lot in common.  She has a fantastic personality great wit and wonderful company.  Grainne is so kind and thoughtful and great fun but most of all is a genuine best friend and a wonderful listener.  I could not imagine life without her!

How much does your friendship mean to you?

Grainne: Imelda is one of the best friends I have ever had and will ever have.  I feel privileged to call her my friend.

 Imelda: Her friendship means the world to me.  We share our everyday woes.  Grainne is my plus 1 for several social events and work occasions and I must say we have had some fantastic times together and hopefully more ahead.

Are you in contact often?

Grainne: Every day

Imelda: We speak most days on the phone and we meet every six weeks in London or in Dublin.  We went on a fantastic trip to Beirut last year and we are going to the Cayman Islands next year.


What has your friendship taught you?

Grainne:  That we all need friends. 

Imelda: I now know how important it is to have one wonderful best friend and I know that because in difficult times Grainne has always been there for me .  You only have one true best friend that you can trust and love and I am lucky that Grainne is mine. 

Best Friends – Barbara Scully and Rita Byrne (nee McGrory)



Barbara Scully:  a freelance writer and media contributor.  She lives in Cabinteely and is married to Paul Sherwood.  They have three children : Carla, 25, a travel agent who now lives in Perth WA, Roisin 14 and Mia 12.  The family also have four cats and a dog called Dylan.


Rita Byrne (nee McGrory):  a full time home maker and part time administrator of her husband Robbie’s business.  She also lives in Cabinteely.  Rita and Robbie also have three children, Luke, 24 a Landscape Architect now living in Wales, Keith 22 who is in his final year of a Visual Communications degree and Katie, 17.  They have a dog called Patch.


 me and rita

Where are you both from and how many siblings do you have?


Barbara:   I grew up in Blackrock – so I haven’t moved too far away.  I had three brothers.  We have just marked my brother Tony’s 17th anniversary.  He died on St Patricks Day in 1996 by suicide.  My mother still lives in the family home and my two other brothers all live with a couple of miles of me.


Rita: I grew up in Dun Laoghaire and have continued to live in the area, like Barbara, although we did move to Brittas Bay in Wicklow for a number of years.  I had four sisters.  My sister Imelda died in 1999 after a long battle with cancer.



How and when did you two meet?


Barbara:  My parents are both from Dublin but our family moved to Cork when I was about five years old due to my Dads job.  We moved back in about 1970 and I started attending the local national school – St Oliver Plunkett NS in Dunedin, Monkstown.  It was there I met Rita.  We were in second class.  It is somewhat amazing our friendship ever got off the ground at all, because our first ever school trip was to Glen of the Downs and I was all set for Rita to be my partner.  But she dumped me for another girl (yeah I still remember her name too) and so I was left like billy no mates.  But hey, I’m not bitter.  Not really.


Rita:  We were 7 years old in 2nd class in school and Barbara was a new girl joining the class. Not fully sure when friendship first started but by the time we were 10 or 11 we were on our way. We went on to be in the same class in secondary school too and after that first year or two that is where the friendship grew.


What were your first impressions of each other?


Barbara: In fairness I don’t actually remember meeting Rita for the first time.  She probably does.  She has an elephantine memory, which is handy for me – she remembers for both of us.  No my first memory of Rita is of her being a wagon going off with that other girl on our trip to Glen of the Downs.



Rita: It’s so long ago I don’t really know but I do remember being very surprised when I found out that we had exactly the same birthday and were exactly the same age. Weird. Even to this day other people are amazed by that.



Why do you think you get on so well?


Barbara:  Well that’s a bit of a mystery really.  In lots of ways we are very different but that said I think we often think the same way.  We also are in that wonderfully comfortable place of knowing each other so long and having so much shared history that bonds us to each other.  We have picked each other up when we fell down.  We have borne witness to each other’s sadness and traumas.  But the bottom line I guess is that we understand each other.


Rita: God only knows. I think we are completely different but maybe Barbara is just the more confident, more extrovert version of me. I never really thought about why we get on I just know we do



What does your friendship mean to you?


Barbara: It’s hugely important to me.  To have someone who you know will always have your back is great.  With Rita I don’t have to explain she just gets me.  But on a practical level Rita is just that – very practical and also very honest.  She will never tell me something just because it might be what I want to hear.  She will always tell it like it is.  That is uncomfortable sometimes but vital always.


Rita: Barbara has been in my life longer than anyone else other than my family. We have been through such a lot together both happy and sad times. When my father died when I was 19 years old Barbara was the first person I contacted and again over 30 years later when my mother passed away. That says it all. We have been friends forever and I can’t imagine it any other way.



How often are you in contact?


Barbara: Now we are in contact every few days.  We live across the road from each other and so pop in and out, to each other a few times a week.  When we were in secondary school we spent all our time together including evenings and weekends.  A few years after leaving school our lives diverged.  Rita married years before me and then moved to Wicklow so we saw each other less often but it didn’t make any difference to our friendship.  But now I do value her proximity.


Rita: For the last 10 years we have lived across the road from each other so we pop in and out a couple of times a week.  But there were times when our lives were going in different directions and at a different pace and we may not have seen each other for longer periods but we always stayed in touch and just picked up where we left off.


 me and rita now

What has your friendship taught you?


Barbara: It has made me a bit superstitious.  The coincidence in our lives is a bit unnerving at times.  We share the same birthday and are the same age.  We both have three children.  We both lost a sibling.  We both had gall bladder problems and I had mine out a year before Rita had exactly the same operation with the same consultant.  The result is that we watch each others’ lives unfold with a degree of nervousness!!

But seriously our friendship has taught me the importance of a true friendship.  I value all my friends a lot, but to have a friend for as long as Rita and I have been friends, to have been witness to each others’ lives at close quarters… well, that is really something.  I have often hoped that my own daughters find such a friend because life at times can be very bloody and having someone you can depend on 100% is a great comfort.


Rita:  Barbara is the most positive person I know, sometimes annoyingly so, but I do try to take a little of that with me. I’m not sure exactly what our friendship has taught me but I do know that other friends may come and go but a friendship that spans over 40 years has to be special and we are very lucky.


Best Friends – Deborah Veale and Lorraine Keane

 Deborah Veale and Lorraine Keane are -

Best Friends.

Deborah Veale – Fashion Designer. Married to Charlie Hanrahan, one daughter  Sorcha Veale ( grown up ).I grew up in Avoca co Wicklow. I have two brothers Kenneth and Alex and two sisters Ruth and Alacoque . Alacoque passed away recently from cancer ( myloma }

Lorraine Keane –  television presenter and journalist. Married to Peter Devlin, musician with The Devlins and radio presenter with Radio Nova. We have two daughters Emelia 9 years old and Romy 6 years old. I grew up in Rathfarnham in Dublin in a very musical family (nicknamed The Von Trapps by my friends) of five sisters and one brother.
 How did you two meet and how long ago?
Deborah – Lorraine and I met about 7 years ago but I think we’ve been best friends for the last 5 or 6. .It’s hard to know though I feel like she’s always been there ! Of course we met through fashion ! A pair of black wedge thigh boots to be exact .( She is obsessed with fashion to a clinical degree !! as I was to find out later ). Charlie who is my business partner as well as being my husband , arrived into the studio and announced lorraine had fallen in love with a pair of these boots , but I suppose our friendship really developed as we live in the same area.
Lorraine – It’s true, ‘fashion’ brought myself and Deborah together. I am a self-confessed shoe-aholic. I spotted a pair of boots in Vogue magazine designed by Irish designer Deborah Veale and I went about immediately tracking her down. We bonded over thigh high black suede boots!!! I now have them in every colour….it’s handy having a best friend who designs and makes clothes, hee hee!  Really though, if Deborah decided to ‘hang up her designer boots’ forever it wouldn’t change a thing.
Guests arrive at the opening of 'U2 1978-1981 Photographs by Patrick Brocklebank' at The Little Museum of Dublin
Why do you think you get on so well?

Deborah -I can honestly say there is not a dull moment around Lorraine , she is highly motivated and wonderfully inspirational , and great great fun. We laugh a lot . I will always be grateful for the love and kindness she showed Alanna my niece who came to live with us while her mum was in hospital in the UK. I had literally forgotten the energy and attention an 8 year olds requires! its amazing how fast you forget ! Lorraine, Peter and their girls were an incredible support to us all. 

Lorraine – Deborah is one of the most positive people I know. I can tell her anything and EVERYthing and she always has my best interests at heart.  We have such a laugh and we have never spent a moment together where we haven’t had fun. Even if either of us are down, we always manage to make each other laugh. She is also a great sounding board when I need advice.

Deborah Veale & Lorraine Keane

What were your first impressions of each other?

Deborah – My first impressions of Lorraine were what a stylish, pretty, smart ,savvy and funny woman she was.  As I got to know her I realised her huge generousity of spirit.  She is an incredible mum and her love of Peter and her girls all go to making her a very well rounded human being.

Lorraine – My first impression of Deborah was that’s she was shy, but she’s actually not shy at all.  Like my husband, she is quietly confident, solid and genuine to the core.  I love that about Deborah, one minute she is dressing the president and the next minute she is making a roast (my daughters favourite roast lamb and roast potatoes) for all of us.

Kieran Harnett

How much does your friendship mean to you?

Deborah – Our friendship means a great deal to me , Im lucky to have a lovely group of girlfriends ( they know who they are)  and my mum and sister Ruth have been an amazing support,  especially recently, but I can honestly say that Lorraine has added a wonderful demension to my life .I feel very lucky to have her and Peter and the girls in my life.

Lorraine – Our friendship is very important to me. From Day 1, we just ‘clicked’.  It is effortless.  I have many girlfriends i grew up with who are very precious to me and sisters and sister in laws who I adore but Friendships made in later life (we met when I was in my 30’s) are very special because as you get older you don’t suffer fools…. We are very compatible. Deborah is one of the most positive people I know. I can tell her anything and EVERYthing and she always has my best interests at heart.  We have such a laugh and we have never spent a moment together where we haven’t had fun. Even if either of us are down, we always manage to make each other laugh. She is also a great sounding board when I need advice.


Are you in contact often?

Deborah – We are in contact pretty much every day, we meet, text , phone or email .

Lorraine – We meet, talk or text every day, even when one of us is abroad we will update each other with whats going on in our lives. Whether I get good news or bad news Deborah is one of the first people I want to tell. Absolute proof of a true, dear and valued friendship.

What has your friendship taught you and why do you get on so well?

Deborah – The thing I most value about our friendship …. the trust and support in all circumstances good and bad! We are there for each other!I think we get on as well as we do as we have a lot in common and similar attitudes to life .There is a mutal respect and I trust her judgement . Luckly we are both optimistic which is a great disposition to have these days.

Lorraine – Our husbands Charlie and Peter have both said, separately of each other, that they always know when we have been together because we always come home in great humour….I’d like to think we have a very positive affect on each other. We get on so well because we have the same values. Like me, she is unfazed by this crazy business we find ourselves in.  She Embraces it, appreciates it but doesn’t take it too seriously.  Between us we try to pick out the best bits from the industry, enjoy them and ignore the nonsense.

I don’t normally comment personally on a blog but I know Debroah and Lorraine and have always admired their Friendship. It just Shines! Two gorgeous positive girls who know how to enjoy life and value  their friendship.
Thanks girls,

Best Friends – Marissa Carter and Sarah Hegarty

Marissa Carter and Sarah Hegarty are 

Best Friends

Marissa Carter -  owner of Carter Beauty Blackrock and Cocoa Brown Tan and am also the Beauty Editor for Irish Parent magazine. I’m married to Ronan and we have a one year old little boy, Charlie and live together in Glenageary with our dog, Cherry.

Sarah Hegarty - Digital Marketing Consultant. Newly married to Aaron, married September 2012.

Butter London 3

Where are you from and how many siblings do you have?

Marissa: I’m from Monkstown and am the eldest of eight children. Five brothers and two sisters.

Sarah: From Blackrock originally, now living in Grand Canal Dock. Have two younger brothers, Jonathan and Simon.

photo copy 4

From left: Ellie, Ailbhe, Una, Aoife, Sarah, Maud, Marissa and Aoife

How did you two meet and how long ago?

Marissa: I don’t have very many memories before the age of 4 so it feels like Sarah has always been in my life. One of my earliest memories of Sarah was snuggling up with her in the ‘Leabharlainn’ (Library) in senior infants and being completely shocked that she could read in English. I only knew how to read in Irish and at that, I couldn’t read sentences. I can honestly say that Sarah is responsible for my love of books. No one in my family reads but Sarah used to give me all of her Sweet Valley High books to read when she was finished with them. I like to think our taste in books has improved over the years! We still share books. The very first slumber party I ever went to was in Sarah’s house and I remember how at the age of 7 she cared so much about making sure everyone had a blanket and enough to eat. She’s still like that. Sarah is the hostess with the most-est! She’s so caring and generous and always wants everyone to be happy. Ro and I still can’t get over how much fun her wedding was. No one and I mean no one’s attention to detail is as good as Sarah’s. I’m always calling on her to proof my packaging for Cocoa Brown or brochures for Carter Beauty.

Sarah: Marissa and I have known each other since Junior Infants in Scoil Lorcáin in Monkstown. That’s over 25 years ago now which is terrifying, as it does not feel that long ago at all. We then attended Coláiste Íosagáin in Stillorgan and after 14 years in school together, we’d formed a close-knit group of friends and there was no getting rid of each other after that!

From left: Maud, Sarah, Una, Aoife and Marissa in 6th class of primary school

From left: Maud, Sarah, Una, Aoife and Marissa in 6th class of primary school











What were your first impressions of each other?

Marissa: I can’t remember my first impression of Sarah but it was probably that she was a genius (not a maths) but everything else! Sarah was also always so well dressed and stylish. She went to hair-dresser when the rest of us had bowls put over our head for the yearly ‘bob’ cut. She actually had a hair style. We all wanted to look like Sarah and have her wardrobe! If I met Sarah now for the first time, I’d probably still want her wardrobe but I’d also think she was one of the friendliest people I’d ever met. Sarah’s that friend you bring to a party and she’s like glue – she holds the group together. She makes sure everyone feels included and will go out of her way to make the shyest person feel welcome.

Sarah: I can’t really recall my first impressions of Marissa. When you know someone as long as we have, it’s as if they were always there, and there are no official introductions in the playground! I do remember a very early memory of Marissa’s artistic ability, she taught me that when I drew pictures of people, it wasn’t just circles joined together, but that they actually had to have necks too. I was amazed at this fact at 5 years of age!

Marissa has always been very mature for her age, something I think that comes from having so many brothers and sisters. She was also always the first person to experiment with beauty treatments, first one to dye her hair, pluck her eyebrows even shave her legs when there was no hair to be shaved! Marissa loved to ‘practice’’ on us while growing up and was always supremely confident with the results, even though a few of us were left with distinctly wonky eyebrows that Marissa convinced us were just perfect!

We’re fortunate enough to have a fabulously close group of 5 friends that all attended primary and secondary school together-Marissa, Myself, Aoife, Úna and Maud. We’re all quite opinionated however and there have been some major arguments over the years, as groups of girls are wont to do, but I’d like to think that this has helped Marissa become the business woman she is today. If she can argue her case against us four, anyone else will be a pushover!

From left: Marissa, Una, Sarah, Maud and Aoife on their way into The Palace nightclub on Camden St with their fake IDs!

From left: Marissa, Una, Sarah, Maud and Aoife on their way into The Palace nightclub on Camden St with their fake IDs!

Why do you think you get on so well?

Marissa: I think we get on so well because we both ‘feel’ our way through life. Sarah’s extremely empathetic as a person and a bit like my husband, always knows the right things to say to put things in perspective. If you ring Sarah with a problem, you’re not getting off the phone from her until the problem has a solution. She’s not one for mulling over stuff. She’ll get to the crux of the problem within minutes and then spend the next hour convincing you that you don’t really have a problem at all that the solution is as easy as 1,2,3. She could literally sell water to a River. What I love about Sarah is she has an incredibly calming effect on me. I know if I ring her, I will feel ready to take on the world again once I hang up. I also think we get on so well because we have a lot in common. We both love nice restaurants and eating out; fashion and beauty of course and Sarah knows how to have a good night out! On a serious note though, I think professionally we have a lot in common and I think now that Sarah is self-employed we have even more in common. We both absolutely love marketing and studying consumer trends and exploring new opportunities. That sounds very boring altogether, but it’s true! We could spend the whole day talking about business or equally spend the day talking about absolute rubbish!

Sarah: Marissa and I get on particularly well because we share so many of the same interests. Over the years our interests have changed, however were always broadly in line, in our teenage years/early twenties this mostly centred around going out! Marissa was always great at blagging our way into places and also brought her creative skills to the table again by ‘’customising’’ our outfits, i.e cutting them up to show more skin!

I’ve also recently started my own business and Marissa has given me lots of advice and insights into this brand new world. We’re both crazy about beauty products and fashion, one of the many perks of her new gig as Beauty Editor of Irish Parent Magazine is that she shares her beauty spoils and brings me to events!

She has a serious side though, and is a brilliant person if you need a proper heart-to-heart, as she knows exactly when to give advice and when you just want someone to listen to you vent.

Marissa is always very supportive of me, particularly if I am having doubts about myself. I will often talk myself out of things if I don’t think I can do it and Marissa will always be there to reassure me that I’m able to do anything if I set my mind to it.

Marissa and Sarah on a frequent night out together in Club 92

Marissa and Sarah on a frequent night out together in Club 92

How much does your friendship mean to you?

Marissa: I probably can’t put into words what our friendship means to me. Between Sarah, Aoife, Maud and Una – the four of them – they have been my rocks, my best friends, my partners in crime and my shenanigan buddies for as long as I can remember. There’s something very soothing having such a strong bond with my friends. There’s a trust between us that will come with us to our graves. Now don’t get me wrong, we often kill each other but we’ll be friends forever, of that I’ve no doubt.

Sarah: I know that I’m so lucky to have the friendships that I do. No matter what is going on in all our lives, if someone is in need, I know I have four great girls that I can count on for anything. We’ve all gone through some tough times over the years, and it gives me great happiness to know that we’re always there for each other.

My friendship with Marissa has definitely changed over the years too. We’re definitely closer now than we were when we were in school together, as our interests are now much more aligned and I think we have more in common with each other.

What I appreciate most about Marissa is that I’m extremely comfortable around her as we’ve so much shared history. She knows everything, so there’s never any explaining, which makes our friendship so easy-going. I also love how candid Marissa is, she’ll always tell you all the gory details, something I really appreciate, however terrifying her stories of childbirth might be! She’s so much fun to be around too, with a very bold streak that I love.

From left: Aoife, Una, Sarah, Marissa and Maud at Sarah's Hen Party

From left: Aoife, Una, Sarah, Marissa and Maud at Sarah’s Hen Party

Are you in contact often?

Marissa: We go through phases of talking every day and then mightn’t chat for a week or two but that doesn’t affect how close we are. We see each other about once a month, which doesn’t sound like a lot but when we’re all so busy with our lives, it is good enough I think!

Sarah: We all have busy lives, but Marissa and I have the type of friendship whereby we can dip in and out of contact, sometimes talking daily and then sometimes not for a few weeks. In recent years it has been more frequent and I always joke with Marissa that I feel like I am in contact with her by following her Twitter feed, prolific tweeter that she is! The girls also manage to get away together at least once a year, in the last year we were in Galway for my hen, Belfast for Marissa’s birthday and are also looking forward to a week in the South of France in June to celebrate Maud & Andy’s wedding.


From left: Marissa, Maud, Sarah and Una at Maud's engagment party - a very special photo

From left: Marissa, Maud, Sarah and Una at Maud’s engagment party – a very special photo

What has your friendship taught you?

Marissa: Being friends with Sarah has taught me to weigh up the pros and cons of an action before diving in head first. There’s no better woman to help you analyse a situation or opportunity. Even though she’s rubbish at maths, she’s got an analytical brain that can solve problems before the rest of us even cop there IS a problem! Now sometimes, if I think Sarah might talk me out of doing something crazy or wild, I won’t tell her I’m doing it until I’ve done it and she’ll usually tell me I’m a jammy wagon but sure she’s my best friend, she knows I am!

Sarah: Marissa’s prowess for business has been massive inspiration for me. I admire all the work she juggles and I enjoy helping her out when I can, bouncing off different business ideas, website & marketing advice etc.  She’s such a little go-getter and manages to balance so many things, yet is always happy to take on more, if it is going to further her career. She is also a fantastic Mum and I really admire how she can switch from making a difficult business phone-call, to playing with Charlie on the floor!

She’s very supportive of any of my endeavours, and is always there to give me help and advice when I need it. Marissa may make it look effortless, but she works her backside off and has done since she started Carter Beauty. She inspires me to succeed in my own business and hopefully make it look as effortless as she does. She also gives me hope that when I have kids, it will be tough, but that it’s totally manageable and obviously worth all the work!

Overall I am so glad that I have Marissa to support me, she’s a brilliant friend and am very thankful that I have her on my side, whatever life may throw at me.

From left: Una, Maud, Marissa, Sarah and Aoife at Marissa's 30th

From left: Una, Maud, Marissa, Sarah and Aoife at Marissa’s 30th

Marissa's Wedding Day
Marissa’s Wedding Day

Best Friends – Charlotte Bradshaw and Kari Rocca are Best friends

Charlotte Bradshaw and Kari Rocca, Best friends.

Charlotte Bradshaw accountant and now Financial Controller of Dylan Bradshaw Hairdressers originally from Crumlin the much adored youngest  girl of eight brothers now married to coiffure to the stars Dylan Bradshaw and living in Wicklow with their three sons.

Kari Rocca Interior Designer who travels the world decorating homes and business for the rich and famous. A middle daughter one of three girls from Sutton.  Recently married to world famous Photographer Barry McCall and living in Dublin with their gorgeous Dog Boo

                                                              BEST FRIENDS


How Did you two meet?

Charlotte – We met orginally in Renards when I was working there and Kari frequented it a lot.

Kari – I met charlotte in Renards in another life where I partied a lot .

What were your first impressions of each other?

Charlotte – I hoped she was cupid!!  She had just introduced my two friends Colin Devlin and Sonya Macari.  I was single at the time. My first impression was that she was so nice, very easy going and very friendly with a fanatastic smile.

Kari – Charlotte is a very strong Independent great woman and I liked the look of her straight off.

What cemented the friendship?

Both Charlotte and Kari speak fondly of meeting on Charlottes first date with Dylan Bradshaw where they bumped into each other Dylan and Barry were already Best friends so it seems like fate intervened!


Why do think you get on so well?

Charlotte – We respect each others opinions we have lots of interests in common and we just love the chats….

Kari – I would have to say we have some very similar values and it helps that our husbands are best friends too.  I like spending time with her.  You are never worried about what charlotte is really thinking as she is incredibly straight thats a trait I really love about her.

How much does your friendship mean to you?

Charlotte – It means a lot because its important to have a girlfriend that you can talk to and is of the same era. We also
have simular taste and ideas! So its nice to bounce thing off each other.

Kari – An awful lot we were Bridesmaids at each others weddings and if I need advice she is the first person I go to.  We think very similarly but our personalities are very different I think we compliment each other and we certainly have a lot of fun together.

Are you in contact often?

Charlotte -Not every day but Yes we would see each other  nearly every week for a cuppa and we do a lot of texting

Kari – It depends on how busy weare sometimes we see a lot of each other and sometimes depending on work not so much but it would be very unusual for a week to go by if we had not seen each other.  We plan trips away and nights out together regularly but we do text each other all the time.


What has your friendship taught you?

Charlotte -Friends are like stars you dont often see them but you know they are there!

Kari- We have very different lifestyles but we really get an element of each others lives.  We totally understand each other.  Charlotte has taught me how to keep an close eye on my finances.  Charlotte is brilliant at money watching as a financial controller of such a large company that is her job so she gives me great advice and lectures me if she thinks I am overspending however  Charlotte has not got one mean bone in her body and with my Interior Design backround we make a formidable team!!